Beswitched by Kate Saunders


   We give it 2 out of 5 stars.

   We were not big fans of this book.  The time travel was reminded us of Freaky Friday just a little because the two Flora's switch places.  But, we never get to hear or see the other Flora's side of the story.  We see her reflection briefly in a mirror towards the end of the story. 

   The author does do an excellent job with her descriptions and details.  The girls are typical tweenagers...the teachers, the rooms, the clothing all brilliantly shown to us.  But, the British language made some things harder to follow...then add to that we move into 1930's England, whew.  We had to work to finish this one.  We wanted to find out what happens, how Flora returns to the present, and we did like the link between the 1930's and today.

 **Spoiler Alert: Flora's childhood friend from the time travel is really her grandmother!  That was cool.  And Saunder's writing is very good.

  - The Albright Family