Check out our new Playaway Locks!

playaway lock.jpg

Want to read an e-book but don't have an electronic device to read it on? Try one of our new Playaway Locks, available in the Teen Area of the library. A Lock is similar to a Kindle Paperwhite, it is a tablet-like touchscreen device pre-loaded with several teen e-books. No downloading necessary. We have some cool titles on each of our Locks, from fantasy to romance to realism; see the titles and descriptions here. Each Lock has multiple titles, so in one checkout you are getting at least three books to read! Our Locks were provided by a generous grant from Kiwanis Ohio District Foundation. Patrons may borrow one Lock at a time, for 21 days, and Locks may be renewed one time if other patrons have not reserved the item. Overdue fees are $1.00 a day.