Cool Books for Fall

Gosh, where did the summer get to? As you settle into a  new school year, try to take time out for some fun reading, too! Here are some recent books you might like:

  • Cover image The Sorceress is part of the "Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flemel" series, a great fantasy series for folks who love Harry Potter and other magic/legends/mythic series with a lot of action, monsters and magic. Twin siblings Sophie & Josh learn more magical skills as they try to track down the sorceror Gilgamesh, with the evil Machiavelli hot on their trail.
  • Cover image Beautiful Creatures is a good choice for fans of Twilight;--this book is about a guy in a small Southern town who falls in love with the "new girl," despite the disapproval of everyone else in town. She's living with her recluse uncle, in the weird "Haunted Mansion" no one ever dares go near. But there's more to Lena than meets the eye, and Ethan gets caught up in a story that involves not only he and Lena and her weird, magically powerful family, but also long-dead ancestors of theirs from the Civil War.
  • Cover image Sophomore Tessa has withdrawn into herself in the past 2 years since her best friend Noelle was abducted; no one knows if Noelle is alive or dead, and Tessa has found it hard to get close to anyone again. But now suddenly two things happen: she meets a nice guy, who shares her interest in photography, and Noelle is rescued by the police! Now Tessa has to figure out how to rekindle a friendship with the harder, more cynical "Elle" while juggling her growing relationship with Max.
  • Cover image 14 year old Ruthie is crushing on her best friend Perry, whom she's known since they were 5. How is she going to get him to notice her as more than a best friend? She calls on her Aunt Marty for help. Only problem is, Ruthie's mom has forbidden her from contacting Aunt Marty; the two sisters haven't spoken for years, and Ruthie hardly knows anything about her aunt except that she's a hip fashion maven in New York City who writes a love advice column! So surely she can help Ruthie gain self-confidence and implement "the Perry Plan." Not everything goes according to Plan, however...