Hello from Gina!


Hey guys! My name’s Gina and I’m Christina’s practicum student this summer at SMFPL. I’m going to school at Kent State to be a Teen Librarian and a practicum is kinda like student teaching (except we’re librarians, not teachers).  Occasionally I’ll be posting stuff here related to Summer Reading. Today I have something new that I’m creating and I want to share it with you. When I read a book and especially if I really like it I always get a song stuck in my head. I’m sure many of you do this too. I thought we can use this blog to share soundtracks we’ve made to our favorite books. What songs sound like they’d make a good soundtrack if the book were a movie? How do they evoke feelings you feel when reading? Do they seem like they might be a character’s favorite tune? Answering these questions will help you think of ideas when making your own soundtrack. I’ll start with a couple of my own; you are welcome to send me your submissions at teenlibrarianATsmfpl.org. Send me the songs as YouTube or streaming links, and make sure they’re radio edit versions if possible.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead by Mogwai





                When I listen to this song I feel Cinder’s pain and depression enveloping me like a blanket. Her despair when she discovers Peony is infected with letumosis is the exact scene I see.


Blade Runner Main Theme



Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction film about the relationship between androids and humans. The setting of the movie is a large futuristic city, full of bright screens and techno-gadgets. I think it’s very similar to New Beijing.


Rachel's Song -- Blade Runner soundtrack




This track in particular works well for Queen Levana. The hypnotic quality of the music matches well with her powers. I could see this playing in Kai’s head when she glamours him.


Sing Sweet Nightingale - Cinderella (Disney version)



Even though Cinder doesn’t have any singing talent whatsoever I see a parallel between her and Disney’s Cinderella (of course, they’re based on the same fairy tale character). I think of a comfortable Cinder at home in her workshop giving Iko a tune-up, while Adri and Pearl strive to become better at frivolous tasks.

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