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Need something to read while you're home from school? Check out these recent titles, just in time for the winter blues. Click on a title or a cover image to go straight to the library's catalog and see if the book is on the shelf...

Skin Hunger

Book Cover Image In this suspenseful fantasy novel, 2 alternating stories gradually become linked, though separated by time. In one, orphaned farm girl Sadima comes to work for two scholars, one cruel and one kind, helping them in their research. What will happen to Sadima when the mean Somiss learns she has taught herself to read? In the other, Hahp is forced to be a student at an academy for wizards, where the heartless wizards use starvation to teach magic. Will he be able to conjure up food to keep himself alive?

Memoirs of A Teenage AmnesiacBook Cover Image

High school junior Naomi takes a spill down stairs and loses all memory of the last four years. She doesn't remember her best friend, Will, or their time spent editing the yearbook; doesn't remember that her parents got divorced, or even that she has a boyfriend, tennis hotshot Ace. Can she learn to be the person she used to be? What if that person wasn't very nice?

Thirteen Reasons Why

Book Cover ImageClay receives an anonymous box of audio cassettes in the mail and pops the first one in the stereo. Out comes the voice of a dead girl--Hannah Baker, his classmate, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. She says there are thirteen reasons why she killed herself, and he is one of them. As Clay spends a long night listening to the tapes, hearing Hannah tell him how she spiraled ever further down, and visiting the places in town where the events took place, he can't help but wonder: why am I on these tapes? And who else is? And why didn't we see what was going to happen?