Missed it by THAT much!

Battle books team resized.jpg

This year's Battle of the Books is over, and Stow-Munroe Falls' team made a heroic effort to beat Twinsburg on the very last, tie-breaking question--but alas, it was not to be. The final result: Twinsburg 420, Stow 410, Cuyahoga Falls 255. The game was very close all along, with Stow leading for most of the game, until the final minutes when Twinsburg caught up, tied the game, and managed to buzz in fastest on that crucial final question. Cuyahoga Falls made a great effort their first time in the competition, and we hope to see them compete again next year when they'll have some seasoned players. Everyone had a fun time, thanks to our gregarious host Tom Stephan. Thank you to all of our sponsors, Cable 9 of Hudson (who videotaped the match for later broadcast), and the Friends groups of all three libraries. Photos of the match can be found on the Teen Photos page. And we'll announce when the game will be available to view on Time Warner Digital Cable's Local On Demand channel.