Need a new wardrobe? Come Swap!


Our Super Summer Clothing Swap is this Saturday, May 8. Bring in summer clothing you no longer wear from 1 -2 p.m., then join the clothing swap from 2-4 p.m.
    *   Save Money
    *   Find some great clothes for warm weather
    *   Be eco-friendly by reducing clothing waste (yes—you are recycling!!!)
    *   Meet your environmentally responsible neighbors and make some new friends!
    *   Sign up is NOT required

You may bring in as many items as you want, we only ask that they be laundered and in good “loan-to-a friend” condition.  You must bring in clothing in order to take clothing home. Clothing not taken during swap hours will be donated to an area organization that cares for persons in need.

Free cups of organic, fair trade coffee (bring your own mug, no Styrofoam cups!)
Free dogwood seedlings for those attending, while supplies last!