Time to nominate your favorite new book!

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Did you read a really good book last year? Are you reading a really good book right now? Nominate it for the Teen Buckeye Book Award!
(or the Buckeye Children's Book Award if you're in 6th through 8th grade) Every year Ohio's students get to speak their mind about their favorite book--this is the place to do it: here for high school books or here for 6th-8th grade books. (Nominate a book for both, why not?!) The only rules are that the book has to be NEW (published in 2007 or 2008, so check the date inside the cover, especially if it's a paperback, it might be older than that) and written by an American author (so if you can't figure that out, ask me and we'll look them up). Your book can't win if you don't nominate it! And tell your friends to nominate it, too. You can nominate as many times as you like!