Care Hanson

Exhibiting: January, 2018

Artist Information:

Longtime Stow resident and Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library patron Care Hanson specializes in acrylic on canvas and other explorative art play, creating mixed media collages in cereal box pieces and altered art journals from books she finds at the library’s book sales.
Care earned a Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 1980, but she paused her art career to raise her three daughters and work full time at a staffing firm. After retiring in 2013, she began to create art daily and to attend artists retreats in Oregon and New Mexico. As she celebrates her 60th birthday in January, she is grateful to have the time and space in her life to fully immerse herself in creative expression and encourages others to not be afraid to tap into their own creative spirit and to try no matter one’s age, background, or training. She believes that art is more about the act of creating than the product. 
As part of the Akron Art Prize, her work has been exhibited at the Summit Artspace, Zeber-Martell Studio, and Peg’s Gallery at the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation. Her work has also been chosen for the juried Fresh Art show.
Care’s paintings are intuitive, layered, and eclectic explorations. She often finds inspiration from daily trail hikes and family heirloom photographs. She signs her name when the piece ‘rings true’ and suggests a story, inviting viewers to pick up a thread and spin the tale further. She can be reached at and followed on @carehanson on Instagram.