Middleberry Awards (All)

Mickey & Me

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By Dan Gutman 

When Joe travels back in time to 1944, he meets the Milwaukee Chicks, one of the only all-female professional baseball teams in the history of the game.

The Maze of Bones

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By Rick Riordan 

At the reading of their grandmother's will, Dan and Amy Cahill are given the choice of receiving a million dollars or uncovering the 39 clues hidden around the world that will lead to the source of the family's power, but by taking on the clues, they end up in a dangerous race against their own family members.

Lunch Walks Among Us: Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist

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By Jim Benton 

Franny K. Stein is a mad scientist who prefers all things spooky and creepy, but when she has trouble making friends at her new school she experiments with fitting in--which works until a monster erupts from the trashcan.

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

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By Geronimo Stilton 

When Geronimo's sister, Thea, discovers an old, mysterious map showing a secret treasure hidden on a faraway island, the gang of the "Rodent's gazette" is dragged into a treasure hunt.

Lawn Boy

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By Gary Paulsen 

Things get out of hand for a twelve-year-old boy when a neighbor convinces him to expand his summer lawn mowing business.

Junee B, First Grader (Aloha-ha-ha!)

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By Barbara Park 

Excitable Junie B. Jones manages to find trouble both before and during a trip to Hawaii and records each incident in a photo journal given to her by her teacher.

Judy Moody

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By Megan McDonald 

Third grader Judy Moody is in a first day of school bad mood until she gets an assignment to create a collage all about herself and begins creating her masterpiece, the Me collage.

Jake Drake, Know-It-All

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By Andrew Clements 

Jake is determined to win the third grade science fair not only for the grand prize, but to beat the annoying class know-it-alls, as well.

Into the Wild

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By Jon Krakauer 

This true-life drama tells the story of a bright young man who turns away from society in an attempt to find freedom and meaning in friendships, travel and nature. Sadly, he fails to find what he is seeking, and travels farther and farther into the wilderness, until he finds the answers he is looking for in the depths of personal tragedy. Entertaining and ultimately uplifting, this book can be read as a descent into madness, or a tale of personal salvation.

I, Freddy

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By Dietlof Reiche 

Freddy is dissatisfied with his monotonous treadmill life at the pet store. He endures countless indignities in order to get himself adopted so he can lead a more civilized life--a life befitting a golden hamster. After encountering a tomcat and two guinea pigs who speak in Shakespearean couplets, Freddy teaches himself to read and write on a computer. He then pens an autobiography about his journey out of captivity and towards self-improvement.

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