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Mac Basics

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This is an introductory class designed for those who are new to the Mac operating system (OS X Mountain Lion). 



OS X Mountain Lion

Other Apple Products 


Meet Windows 8

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This demonstration-only class introduces the newest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. The class begins with the new start screen, gives you a head start on making the transition to the new OS, and describes a few differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Students are welcome to bring their Windows 8 laptops to class.


Digital Learn

Navigating the Catalog and Website

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Learn how to look up materials in the library catalog, how to find out if an item is in or checked out, how to find it in the library and place a hold on it if it is out. Learn how to access your account, renew materials, request items from other libraries, suggest items for purchase, how to sign up for library programs and how to locate databases and other useful information.

Google! 2

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Learn to take advantage of Google's new and less-familiar services and tools.


YouTube Video

Meet the iPad

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Learn how to use your new iPad!

Check out these tutorials as well.


iPad Tutorial Part 1

iPad Tutorial Part 2

Adding Special Characters in Word

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Enter special charaters quickly with these shortcuts.

Basic Word 2: Tabs, Numbering, Lists, Tables, & Page Set-UP

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Basic Microsoft Word II - Selecting, Formatting and Viewing:
Make your documents look the way you want them to! Select text precisely, use the Format menu, use the Zoom tool and choose the best view to work in.

Basic Word 1: Introduction - Selection, Saving, Formatting, Copy & Paste

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Basic Microsoft Word I - Introduction: Learn how to create and save a document, copy, cut and paste text, and navigate the Word icons and menus.

How to use E-Mail

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Yahoo! E-mail: Students will sign up for free Yahoo! email accounts, learn to send and receive e-mail messages, and use the address book.

(If you already have an email account, please make sure you know your user name and password!)


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