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Digital Offerings

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Downloading Library Materials to your Tablet - covers both Android tablets and iPads. 

Get movies, music CDs and audiobooks from Hoopla, individual songs from Freegal, eBooks and audiobooks from the Ohio Digital Library and magazines from Zinio.

eBook Reader Buying Guide

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With the holidays approaching, many folks are considering the purchase of an eBook reader or a tablet, as a gift or for themselves. Come hear a discussion of the pluses and minuses of several different types of eBook-reading devices, as well as an overview of how to get library books for them from the Ohio Digital Library (previously known as the Ohio EBook Project). 

eBooks and eBook Readers

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Planning a vacation? eBook readers let you take along plenty of reading material for the car or the beach without needing that extra suitcase, and if you get it from the library it doesn’t even cost money. Learn to locate, reserve and borrow books and audiobooks from the Ohio eBook Project website, then download them to your device (Kindle, iPad.Android tablet, smartphone or dedicated eBook reader). 

More iPad Tips and Tricks

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Learn more things to do with your iPad. We recommend that you have taken "Meet the iPad" or be familiar with iPad basics before this class.

Meet the iPad

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Learn how to use your new iPad!

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iPad Tutorial Part 2

iPad Productivity Apps: Pages, Numbers, Keynote

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This class covers one of the three following apps. (The calendar will indicate which app will be taught in a given session.)

Pages: Learn to create documents using the simple word processing app, Pages.

Numbers: Create spreadsheets, track information and perform calculations in the simple spreadsheet app, Numbers.

Keynote: Set up slideshows and present talks using the simple presentation app, Keynote.

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