Local History Room

Stow School Book, District 3

This is a small record book that contains records (not really minutes) of school board meetings and school attendance records for students in Stow School District Number 3, Portage County (now Summit County) Ohio during the period from about 1830 to about 1855. The original book is located in the Local History Room of The Stow-Munroe Falls Library in Stow, Summit County Ohio.

Cub Scout Program


This is a free program for dens and their leaders. We will show the Scouts where to find the answers to questions in their Bear Book about their town's history.

Appointments are necessary and preferably scheduled one month in advance. Programs are held in the Local History Room, for one hour, in the evening. Call Beth Daugherty: (330) 688-3295.

Digitizing Service


This is a free service for those needing to digitize their historical or genealogical documents or photos. Also, the Library welcomes copies of your local history photographs or documents.

Appointments with a trained volunteer are necessary. There is a charge to purchase disks, if needed. The work is done in the Local History Room. Call Beth Daugherty: (330) 688-3295.

(Use of this service is limited to historical or genealogical purposes only.)


If you have an interest in history or genealogy, you can perform a valuable service for your library. Volunteering to help visitors in the Local History Room can be as intriguing as solving a mystery -- it is rewarding to find just the right piece of information!  

In addition, as a volunteer, you will have plenty of time to pursue your own research, or just browse the collection.

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