Local History - "Rattlesnake Hunting"


"Rattlesnake Hunting" by Henry Wetmore, 1872 (from The Bronson Book)

[There were so many rattlesnakes in the early Township that they threatened everyone, especially children, horses and dogs. Henry, a son of Judge William Wetmore, recalls this boyhood incident.]

"A man named Samuel Baker came here in about 1808 or 1809, and built a Log House just North of the Cemetery, at that time a plan was formed to watch every spring at the different places where the snakes came up out of the Gulf [the gorge at Stow Corners] until they should be exterminated....One Sabbath morning, about 10 a.m. he discovered a large number of snakes just opposite the cemetery coming out of a small crevice in the rocks about 10 feet below where he stood, at the base of which was a narrow strip of land above the abyss below, upon which the snakes were sunning.

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