Stow Corners Historical Walking Tour


Stow, Ohio was first settled in 1804.  Known as Stow Corners, the intersection of what are now Darrow (Rt. 91) and Kent  (Rt. 59) Roads, was the center of community life for many years. Stow Corners held a post office in the home of Titus Wetmore, a stagecoach stop, a tavern, a school, and several residences in the early 19th century.

Local History - "Rattlesnake Hunting"


"Rattlesnake Hunting" by Henry Wetmore, 1872 (from The Bronson Book)

[There were so many rattlesnakes in the early Township that they threatened everyone, especially children, horses and dogs. Henry, a son of Judge William Wetmore, recalls this boyhood incident.]

"A man named Samuel Baker came here in about 1808 or 1809, and built a Log House just North of the Cemetery, at that time a plan was formed to watch every spring at the different places where the snakes came up out of the Gulf [the gorge at Stow Corners] until they should be exterminated....One Sabbath morning, about 10 a.m. he discovered a large number of snakes just opposite the cemetery coming out of a small crevice in the rocks about 10 feet below where he stood, at the base of which was a narrow strip of land above the abyss below, upon which the snakes were sunning.

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