Joshua Stow's Tombstone


Also buried around the 7' tall obelisk, located in the Middlefield "Old Cemetery," are:

  • Joshua's wife, Ruth [Coe] Stow,
    died 1852 at age 92.
  • Their son, Albert G. Stow, born May 4, 1801 (in CT),
    died Feb. 25, 1829 (in Stow, Ohio).
  • Joseph Hale (Hall?),
    died August 16, 1855 at age 75 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio..
  • Joseph's wife, Julia Stow,
    died July 11, 1843 at age 57.

Article Seven of the Connecticut Constitution


Excerpt from:
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Connecticut, 1965
Adopted 1818, at the Connecticut Constitutional Convention


It being the right of all men to worship the Supreme Being, the Great Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and to render that worship in a mode consistent with the dictates of their consciences, no person shall by law be compelled to join or support, nor be classed or associated with, any congregation, church or religious association.

Joshua Stow's Headstone

Inscription on Joshua Stow's headstone:

"Hon. Joshua Stow
Born April 22, 1762
Died Oct. 10, 1842

Author of the article securing
Religious freedom in the
Constitution of his native state.
To every species of tyranny and domination
A constant and formidable foe.
Now first in peace, for the impartial page
Shall greet thee as an honor to our age.
Long in these climes thy memory shall remain
And still new tributes from new ages gain."

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