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Going Online 2 - How to Search the Web

Lesson Three

What else can I do with search engines?

Going Online 1 - Introduction

Lesson Three

How do I find information on the Internet?

There are two main ways to find stuff on the Internet:

Going Online 1 - Introduction

Lesson Two

How does the Internet work?

The World Wide Web refers to the part of the Internet that works through hyperlinks. When linked items are clicked on, you will go to another place on the same web page, another page, or another website altogether. Links can be words or images, and can occur anywhere on a page.

How do I know when something is a link?

Going Online 1 - Introduction

Lesson One

What is the Internet? 

The Internet is computers linked together to communicate with each other. The Internet was created in the 1960s by the Department of Defense. The World Wide Web and electronic mail (e-mail) are both part of the Internet.

What can the Internet be used for?

Adding Special Characters in Word

Enter special characters in Microsoft Word using shortcuts:

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