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Teen Outreach Book Covers

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Teacher Requests

Outreach Schools

Local teachers of middle school and high school students can also contact the Teen Librarian to request expertly chosen materials for their classroom. Materials can be sent through delivery (Stow-Munroe Falls Schools teachers only) or held for pick up. Teachers must have a valid Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library teacher card to obtain a teacher loan. Please give at least 48 hours notice for a teacher request. Number of materials provided will depend on availability.

Summer Reading Visits

Teen Summer Reading

Throughout the school year, the teen librarian is available to give book talks to any class whose teacher requests one. In May, the Teen Librarian gives Teen Summer Reading presentations to students at Lakeview Intermediate School, Kimpton Middle School, and the Stow-Munroe Falls High School. These are lively presentations including book talks, book trailers, and photos of upcoming summer programs to interest students in our library's summer services for teens.

Teen Book Clubs

Outreach Teen Book Clubs

Our teen librarian provides services to students at Lakeview Intermediate School, Kimpton Middle School and Stow-Munroe Falls High School with book talks, presentations about teen summer reading and two book clubs.

Contact us

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The Teen Librarian is here to help you! If you are a teacher or help plan programs for teens in grades 6-12 in Stow or Munroe Falls, contact us to learn more about the services we offer: call 330-688-3295 ext. 4 or use the email link on our About Us contact page.

Contact us

Outreach Children Contact

In 2015 we did 308 programs for 9,641 people. In addition, we send out materials by request or on an ongoing basis to preschools, daycares, and elementary schools. In 2015 we sent out a total of 12,928 items for educational use and provided 360 items at the mini Laundromat Library at Laundry Time.


Childrens Summer Reading

We provide services to elementary schools with book talks, presentations about summer reading and other programs. Every May we present summer reading assemblies to all of the elementary schools in Stow and Munroe Falls. 

Teachers can also contact us and request expertly-chosen materials for their classroom.  We offer teacher loans on a one-time or recurring basis. 

Preschool & Day Care

Outreach Preschool

The Children’s Outreach Services Team visits all 13 of the preschools and daycares in Stow and Munroe Falls on a monthly basis. We visit the following preschools and day cares: Children's Place, Tot's Landing, Childtime, New Hope, Small Steps - Big Strides, Kid's Country, Stow Alliance Preschool, Play and Learn, Stow Alliance Preschool, All Around Children, Kathy's Pre-School Center, Indian Trail, United Methodist Preschool, United Methodist Preschool and Holy Family. 


Outreach Community

When time permits, we visit other local venues on a one time or ongoing basis such as local businesses, special events, and community spots. We have done story times at Corner Cup, Starbucks, Maplewood Pool, 2 Girls Bakery and Cafe, Cafe O'Play, Handel's and more.  In addition, we have participated in community events including: Stow Summer Sunset Blast, Stow Munroe Falls Community Showcase, Stow 4th of July Parade, Munroe Falls River Day, and Munroe Falls Ice Cream Social.

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