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Book Discussion Groups

The Classics Book Discussion Group
Led by Gretchen Quinn

Meets the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
See the reading list.




What is Playaway?

Playaway is the newest format of audio, combining a wide variety of content with an easy-to-use player all in one small unit. When you receive your Playaway, all you have to do is press play to start listening immediately – there is no need for a separate player, and it comes with earbuds and a battery to make it play.

Playaway is the most simple and immediate way to enjoy music and audiobooks. Its portability allows users to enjoy their favorite authors and titles on-the-go, whenever and wherever.

Tech Handouts

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer teach group computer classes, but we still offer training and resources for new computer users and people who want to enhance their skills.
All the handouts for the computer classes we taught continue to be available on the class pages. Read or print them using Acrobat Reader.

Basic Help

Tablets & New Technologies

Advanced Help

General Computing

Kathleen Woodiwiss

Kathleen Woodiwiss

  • Everlasting
  • Reluctant Suitor
  • Reason Beyond a Kiss
  • Forever in your Embrace
  • The Elusive Flame
  • Petals on the River
  • Married at Midnight
  • Three Weddings and a Kiss
  • Come Love a Stranger
  • Shanna
  • The Wolf and the Dove

Item Suggestion

If the item is not currently owned by the library, you can use this form to request that we add the item to our collection. However, the library can only obtain items which are less than 6 months old.

Items older than six months can be requested through SearchOhio our Interlibrary Loan system.

If you do not receive an Email acknowledging your request, please call the library, (330)688-3295 extension 4.

Classroom Materials Request

Please fill out the form as completely as possible and allow 3 weekdays for your request to be fulfilled.

Reference Services


Welcome to the Reference Services Department. Our department provides a broad collection of material to meet the needs and interests of adult library users. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through all the resources available in the library and on the Internet.

Class Internet I

Introduction to the Internet

Going Online 2 - How to Search the Web

 Lesson One

How do I evaluate a website?
There are several ways to evaluate a website for accuracy and timeliness:

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