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Head, Heart & Hand Studio


Currently the library is displaying art from the Head, Heart & Hand Studio, located at 4743 Hilary Circle, Stow, OH. This is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvas board by students.

For more information visit WWW.HEAD-HEART-HAND.COM

Are you using our Blu-Ray DVDs ?

Yes, I currently check out Blu-Ray DVDs - (14) 16%
No, but I will in one month - (7) 8%
No, but I will in six months - (3) 3%
No, but I will in one year - (18) 20%
I will never use Blu-Ray DVDs - (46) 52%
Total votes: 88

Library State Audit


Library Receives Clean Audit of Finances

“...the library is doing a great job of accounting public tax dollars.”

Steve Faulkner
State Auditor's Office
Deputy Press Secretary

2006-2007 Financial Review

By Laws

By laws update 6/27/08

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