Guidelines for Art Exhibits and Displays Form

Form for displaying collections and art works at the library.

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We setup three new wireless access points at the library for you.
Bring your laptops and wireless devices.
We have increased bandwidth and can handle many connections.

Connect to the wireless address (SSID)


What to do with it?
Check your e-mail, surf the web, play games, do homework, and use the library services, of course.


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Koha Help 7

If you are not logged in:

You will be asked to log in.

Koha Help 6

How do I place a hold, if the item I want is checked out?

For Example:
You have brought up an item but all copies are checked out. To place it on reserve (hold), click the "Place Reserve" button.

Koha Help 5

For example:

You know a book has "moon" in the title and the author's last name is " Meyer"

Sample book search

Then click search Search Button and the closest matches will be displayed.

Koha Help 4

For more search options:

Click on the "Advance Search" link.

Koha Help 3

For example:

Type in the title "Secrets of the Code" and click search. Next, click on the appropriate title from items displayed. You will see what copies are available, what copies are checked out and where the item is located. If all the copies are on loan, you can place a reserve (hold) by clicking on the "PLACE RESERVE" and following the instructions.

Koha Help 2

How do I log into my account?

Type in your entire card number. Your Password or PIN is the last four digits of your home telephone number.

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