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Head, Heart & Hand Studio


Currently the library is displaying art from the Head, Heart & Hand Studio, located at 4743 Hilary Circle, Stow, OH. This is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvas board by students.

For more information visit WWW.HEAD-HEART-HAND.COM

Are you using our Blu-Ray DVDs ?

Yes, I currently check out Blu-Ray DVDs - (14) 16%
No, but I will in one month - (7) 8%
No, but I will in six months - (3) 3%
No, but I will in one year - (18) 20%
I will never use Blu-Ray DVDs - (46) 52%
Total votes: 88

By Laws

By laws update 6/27/08

Current Board of Trustees

Current Board of Trustees


David R. Renninger President
Thomas A. Shubert
Craig M. Mancuso
Rick E. Archer, CPA
Ken E.

Annual Reports

The Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library continues to be the one institution in the community where thousands of people come to visit, borrow materials, attend programs, meet others, sharpen their technology skills and generally leave satisfied and happy.

The following reports give a seven-year overview of the financial operations of the library. The Finance Office oversees these operations according to the statutes of the State of Ohio, the directives of the State Auditor, and policies and decisions of the Board of Trustees.


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