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Welcome to Dessert Extravaganza 2015


Our SMFPL Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt, web version:


Aurasma: App has best image-stabilization, relative to trigger image. Easy online AR creation. Simple interface is easy to use, with limited options. Aurasma describes AR creations as "Auras."

Dessert Extravaganza 2015 Location

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Our annual celebration and fundraiser takes place
Thursday, April 16 from 7 to 9:30 pm at Roses Run Country Club. 

Try our new Apple iMac workstation!


Welcome Apple OSX fans! Get ready for action with our newest high-speed computer from Apple. Log in using your library card, and you will be working on one of the fastest, most-capable computers in the library. Browse the internet using Apple's Safari, or try the iWork package. The iMac is located at the far end of the downstairs computer area. It runs OSX 10.9.5, aka Mavericks.

Treasure Finish

Thank you for participating in the Treasure Hunt
with Augmented Reality animation!

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Lorenzo Leaps


Lorenzo leaps across the waterLorenzo leaps across the water - Click to Continue

Spike's Waterfall


Spike's Waterfall - click to continueClick on the Image to Continue

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