Hands on Stow Clean Up

Staff members, Amy and Jason, help in Hands on Stow Clean Up.


Our litter-picker-uppers You missed one over there!

Photography Contest 2010


For teens going into grades 6-12, AND adults over 18. No more than two photos TOTAL may be submitted, per person. There are two categories: Black and White, and Color. (So you may submit 1 of each, OR 2 Color, OR 2 B&W.) Photos must be 5x7” in size, and mounted on sturdy black or white board such as matte board with a border of 1 to 2 inches. Attach your completed entry form to the back of the board. One entry form per photo.

We will have three prizes per category, per age group, and 2 Best in Show:
First Place: $20.00
Second Place: $15.00
Third Place: $10.00

Levy Tax Calculator


How did we arrive at these values?

  • Books Borrowed: Comparable to cost of Borders average discounted hardback.
  • Paperbacks Borrowed: Comparable to Borders average paperback cost.

Library of the Future

Watch as Marty tries to get back to the Library of the future in our new video! You won't want to miss it!

"I Read Banned Books" book bag winners

Here are the results:

1.  Robin French
2.  Virginia Miller
3.  Martha Balch
4.  Todd Hurst
5.  Shannon McKee

Auction Items

Note: Items are subject to change until sale date. Items, such as monitor, keyboard and mouse may differ from items pictured.

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