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What's your favorite thing to do on a snowy winter weekend?

Go skiing or snowboarding - (5) 8%
Go sledriding - (8) 13%
Go ice skating - (3) 5%
Stay inside and read a book - (25) 42%
Stay inside and play a video game - (10) 17%
Go to the movies - (2) 3%
Go hiking in the snowy woods - (3) 5%
Something completely different than any of these things - (4) 7%
Total votes: 60

Winners of our First Teen Photo Contest


  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Altered
  • People
  • Places
  • Still Life

Photo Contest Winners - Still Life

Category: Still Life

Still Life first place

by Kimmy Eaton

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Places

Category: Places

Places first place

by Katie Gallagher

first place

Photo Contest Winners - People

Category: People

People first place

by Abby Capps

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Flowers

Category: Flowers

Flowers first place

by Rachael Denholm

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Animals

Category: Animals

Animals first place

by Molly Conkle

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Altered

Category: Altered

for photos that have been altered by Photoshop etc.

Altered first place

by Marry Pyper

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