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Photo Contest Winners - Places

Category: Places

Places first place

by Katie Gallagher

first place

Photo Contest Winners - People

Category: People

People first place

by Abby Capps

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Flowers

Category: Flowers

Flowers first place

by Rachael Denholm

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Animals

Category: Animals

Animals first place

by Molly Conkle

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Altered

Category: Altered

for photos that have been altered by Photoshop etc.

Altered first place

by Marry Pyper

Teens Create Music

Rock band

Teens don't forget:

Karaoke Party - July 7th

Battle of the Bands - entries begin July 6th

  • Online registration form
  • Qualifying Concert : Saturday August 8th
  • Battle of the Bands: Saturday, August 22nd at HUDSON Library

College Prep Testing

Prepare for your SAT and ACT test by taking practice tests at Learning Express Library. You'll find the practice tests under the College Preparation tab.

Which book or book series would you most like to see made into a movie?

Teen Flickr Photos

2017 Peeps Diorama Contest

(123 pictures )

2017 Peeps Diorama Contest

Our annual diorama contest really took off this year, as there were 40 entries! Wow! We opened up the theme to include not just books but also movies, history, current events, videogames, or anything (as long as it is family-friendly). And our peeps artists responded with some amazing ideas! Prizes were peeps merchandise (like giant stuffed peep toys) and $20, $15 and $10 Target giftcards.

April 11 2017

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

(5 pictures )

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

Teens stopped by to pick up a clue sheet and had to find all of the spring pictures hidden around the library. When they found them all and unscrambled the secret messages, they earned candy!

March 23 2017

Chocolate Fest 2017

(35 pictures )

Chocolate Fest 2017

Teens made chocolate suckers, decorated cupcakes, and played Oreo stacking and trivia games at this delicious program!

February 14 2017

2017 Harry Potter Book Night

(147 pictures )

2017 Harry Potter Book Night

Muggles, witches and wizards of all ages had fun exploring the world of J. K. Rowling at this library-wide international event, taking "classes" such as Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts, making wands and chocolate frog boxes, testing their History of Magic skills, entering the costume contest, and much more!

February 2 2017

Celebrating Anime Master Miyazaki

(10 pictures )

Celebrating Anime Master Miyazaki

Teens competed for prizes to see who knew the most trivia about Miyazaki's movies, such as Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, and entered a creative umbrella contest, in this program all about Japan's beloved anime director.

January 20 2017

Escape From Dr. Johnson's Lab

(8 pictures )

Escape From Dr. Johnson's Lab

Teens had to use their wits to find clues and solve puzzles, in order to unlock the many locks and find the antidote to the zombie curse before it was too late!

December 28 2016

Which author would you most like to meet?

Meg Cabot - (11) 14%
Anthony Horowitz - (4) 5%
Erin Hunter - (3) 4%
Darren Shan - (7) 9%
Stephenie Meyer - (39) 51%
Christopher Paolini - (12) 16%
Total votes: 76
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