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Photo Contest Winners - People

Category: People

People first place

by Abby Capps

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Flowers

Category: Flowers

Flowers first place

by Rachael Denholm

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Animals

Category: Animals

Animals first place

by Molly Conkle

first place

Photo Contest Winners - Altered

Category: Altered

for photos that have been altered by Photoshop etc.

Altered first place

by Marry Pyper

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Karaoke Party - July 7th

Battle of the Bands - entries begin July 6th

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  • Qualifying Concert : Saturday August 8th
  • Battle of the Bands: Saturday, August 22nd at HUDSON Library

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Prepare for your SAT and ACT test by taking practice tests at Learning Express Library. You'll find the practice tests under the College Preparation tab.

Which book or book series would you most like to see made into a movie?

Teen Flickr Photos

Teen Lockin 2015: Masquerade Madness

(83 pictures )

Teen Lockin 2015: Masquerade Madness

21 teens hung out at the library after hours, enjoying pizza and games, playing on the Wii, playing Artemis (the starship bridge simulator game), creating crafty masks and silly costumes for our "masquerade madness." We also videochatted with author S. J. Kincaid, and entered the national Photo Scavenger Hunt and other competitions held on this night.

July 31 2015

Battle of the Books 2015

(61 pictures )

Battle of the Books 2015

Our team of middle schoolers came in second in the Semi-Finals, advancing to the Final Battle, but lost to Hudson and Akron in the Finals. The books read this year were: The Last Dragonslayer, Okay For Now, The Compound, and Ungifted.

July 27 2015

Nerdfighter Gathering

(8 pictures )

Nerdfighter Gathering

A party for teens to celebrate the premiere of the movie Paper Towns, with bottlecap necklace crafts, John and Hank Green videos, movie trailers, and a giveaway of two Regal Cinemas giftcards to see the new movie!

July 24 2015

Super Smash Bros. Tournament

(10 pictures )

Super Smash Bros. Tournament

23 teens played Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, competing for GameStop giftcard prizes, donated by the Friends of the Library.

July 14 2015

Comic Con 2015

(73 pictures )

Comic Con 2015

Our first-ever mini comic con featured Simpsons writer Chris Yambar, Psychonauts creator Kevin L. Kuder, Only Humans creator Joseph A. Michael, and lots of fun for patrons--from a costume contest to Superhero Jeopardy to a comic book swap to a panel discussion on the History of Women in Comics.

July 11 2015

Extreme Makeover: Bookcart Edition

(56 pictures )

Extreme Makeover: Bookcart Edition

Teens painted creative designs on wooden bookcarts belonging to the Friends of the Library, in a fun art project/competition. The team that made the winning cart, featuring 3 classic bookcovers, won art supply prizes, courtesy of the Friends of the Library.

June 27 2015

Carnival 2015

(46 pictures )

Carnival 2015

"The Greatest Show in Stow" was our first-ever all-library carnival, on Pride in Library Day during Stow's Pride Week that leads up to the Fourth of July. We had over 1,000 patrons come to the library that day to play children's games for prizes, try their hand at the High Striker game, enter our gas card raffle, take silly photos at the photo booth, and eat carnival food (popcorn, cotton candy, and Handel's ice cream pops). Fun for all!

June 25 2015

ToshoCon 2015

(140 pictures )

ToshoCon 2015

Seventy five teen fans of anime, manga and videogames gathered at the Hudson Library for this year's edition of our jointly-sponsored anime mini-con.

June 19 2015

Which author would you most like to meet?

Meg Cabot - (11) 14%
Anthony Horowitz - (4) 5%
Erin Hunter - (3) 4%
Darren Shan - (7) 9%
Stephenie Meyer - (39) 51%
Christopher Paolini - (12) 16%
Total votes: 76

Which upcoming movie are you most looking forward to seeing?

Star Trek - (11) 21%
Night At The Museum 2 - (11) 21%
Inkheart - (11) 21%
Transformers 2 - (12) 23%
Wolverine: Origin - (7) 13%
Total votes: 52
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