Chat with the Children's Department

Chat with Reference If reference staff is online, you may ask reference questions using the chat interface below.

Make a Librarian Your Buddy with Instant Messaging and Texting (SMS) Chat

The library is happy to offer assistance to you via instant messaging (IM). You can add us to your buddy list, or just use the widget to chat with us right here, right now. We expect to be online several hours each day, when staff is available.

To see if we are online, put us on your buddy list or take a look at the status message of the widget.

Chat Accounts

Meebo: smfplib

Yahoo: smfplib

MySpace: smfpl

FaceBook: ahalleen

Google Talk:

AOL/AIM: smfplib

MSN Live Messenger:

ICQ: 583856943


SMS/TXT: 330-577-3237 -or- 330-57READS (Google Voice Number )

Frequently Asked Questions about Reference IM

How do I IM a librarian?

Since you are already on our webpage, the easiest way is to use the Meebo widget (assuming we are online right now).

To use your AIM or Yahoo! program, open a new message, enter our buddy name, smfplib, in the To: field and start typing your message. Or, just add smfplib to your buddy list, double-click on the buddy name to open an IM window, then type your message.

I don't use Instant Messenger. How do I get started?

You don't need to have an IM client to use the chat widget. Just start typing in the space where it says "type here." If you would prefer to use a program on your own computer, you can download AIM from their site. Fill out a quick, easy Web form, choose a screen name, and start using IM in 1-2 minutes.

What if I am in a computer lab, and don't want to download AIM?

Use another version of AIM called AIM Express. With AIM Express, you can create a screen name and chat directly from the Web with no downloads and no software installations.

What if I use Yahoo! Messenger

No problem! IM the librarian with Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger programs -- including Yahoo! Web Messenger and MSN Web Messenger -- using the same buddy name, smfplib

Will I need to wait to chat with the librarian?

IM questions are taken on a first-come-first-served order. You may need to wait if the reference librarian is already helping someone in person, on the phone, or in another IM chat session. Of course, you can always call us at (330) 688-3295 or email us at (fill in reference email)

 How do I know who I'll talk to?

The smfplib account is operated by different librarians at different times; you'll likely get the librarian currently working the reference desk.

What about privacy? We will make every effort to protect your privacy. Any information you provide will remain confidential. Please feel free to call, e-mail, or IM us with any other questions you may have about this service.

Thank you.