Community Connections

Our children’s room reaches out to many diverse facilities in our community.

Every month, a librarian visits 16 day care and preschool facilities in the Stow-Munroe Falls area to do storytime. We send bins of about 50 books each to 13 facilities.

Two librarians, calling themselves “Traveling Tales”, do storytelling in the schools. Advertising through posters and word of mouth, they mix solo and tandem folktales with poetry breaks in between.

We promote our summer library program by visiting the schools in May. The first two weeks we do book talks at Lakeview for each class. The second two weeks we do skits for each elementary building, plus Holy Family and Cornerstone Community School.

The children’s department looks for any chance to go into the classroom to share stories or books with the students. We have visited classrooms for “Right to Read Week”, “National Library Week”, and special school programs. We’ve also done storytelling for Breakfast with Santa, Joshua Stow Fest and other Stow and Munroe-Falls organizations.

We often receive thank you notes from the students. Here are some comments from a sixth grade class: “I really enjoyed the fishing story because it was really funny and you guys were good at playing the roles in the story”, “Books Rule!”, “Please come again because we had a lot of fun”, “I love the Stow Public Library!”

We recently visited a third grade and got the following comments: “My favorite part was the poetry”," “What I liked the most were the props because they went with the story and I could imagine it”, “You guys are awesome and I mean so, so, so awesome!!”, and our favorite, “You Rock!”

Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Adams performing Traveling Tales.

Mrs Adams and Mrs Adam