Reading Patch Club

Reading is cool and so is being a member of this exciting library club!

Students in Grades K-5, who are reading on their own, will earn colorful embroidered patches during the school year.

Children may join the club at any time during the school year. To earn a patch, readers can read 10 books in each category - either chosen from our Reading Club lists or on their own.

Patches will be awarded as they are earned. Just bring the reading log to the library when a category is completed.

There are a total of 10 patches possible to earn. If a child earns all 10 patches he/she will receive a book bag. Only books read between 9/1/2011 and 5/26/2012 may be counted.

Patch categories are: Fantasy, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Award Winners, Animals, Graphic Novels, Adventure, Reader’s Choice, Sports, and Science Fiction.

  • All books that are read should be the appropriate reading level and not ones that have been read before.
  • All members that earn a patch will be recognized in the Spike Times.
  • All members of the club can also write a review of the books they read. We will pick a review that will also be published in the Spike Times.