Spot Spike


After more than 25 years of life in a tank, Spike the Library Turtle has finally decided to see some of the world – starting with Stow and Munroe Falls. Spike has a new job. As library ambassador, she has been given the task to see what there is to see in this community and strengthen the library’s relationship the citizens of Stow and Munroe Falls. Miss Kristin and Miss Amy from the children’s department will follow Spike around and document her travels for you to watch. Check our Web site periodically to see short movies of where Spike has been, who she meets and what kinds of things she gets herself into in Stow and Munroe Falls. Spike may even venture beyond this community. Stay tuned!

1) fizzboomreadvid

2) Library Director

3) Meet the Friends of the Library president

4) Picture Perfect Passport Photos

5) Spike Tours the Library

6) Spike visits a local preschool

7) Spot Spike No. 10 - Munroe Falls Police Chief Rick Myers

8) Spot Spike No. 5 - Library Foundation

9) Spot Spike No. 6 - Stow Mayor Sara Drew

10) Spot Spike No. 7 - Sweet Frog

11) Spot Spike No. 8 - Firefighter Sandy

12) Spot Spike No. 9 - Laundry Time