Cinderella Story

Growing up reading was my escape. I read every chance I could.  My parents told me children were born into the world to service their parents, and serve them I did. I came home from school to day's worth dirty of dishes, unmade beds in every room, vacuuming, bathrooms, weeding and in season mowing of grass.  Not to mention laundry, younger sibling's diapers and entertainment.  I had to make the evening meal and clean up after.  It was up to me to help the younger children with their homework and give them their baths.  It was up to me to snap to attention whenever my mother wanted a snack or something from another room.  Nothing was to keep her waiting more than two minutes.  I did all this and kept an A average at school.  My mother's addiction wasn't drinking or drugs but TV.  It angered her that I read so much but I read everything the school library offered and walked to the local library and read everything offered there.  I was careful to never have an over due fine as every penny I earned went into my mother's pocket. She never understood my love of reading and told me I would never marry or have children as 'No one cares for a reader"  I graduated went to college, married a fellow reader, and had children that learned the love of words.  My children all graduated in the top third of their class.  The library has been my "Cinderella" story.  It has allowed me to live happily ever after.