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12/16/2020 7:00 PM
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Johanna Spyri


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The story of an irrepressible orphan girl in the Swiss Alps, written in 1881, has long been one of the most beloved and best-selling children’s classics in the world. Heidi’s story begins when she is orphaned at the age of five and sent to live with her reclusive, embittered grandfather on a mountainside above a Swiss village. Heidi’s grandfather has been estranged from the villagers for years and he resents the child’s arrival, but she wins his affection with her enthusiasm and cheer. Her rural idyll is cruelly interrupted when her aunt sends her to the city to be a hired companion to a wealthy girl in a wheelchair. Clara is delighted by her new friend, but the family’s strict housekeeper tries to repress Heidi’s high spirits. The resolution of Heidi’s dilemma transforms the lives of everyone around her and entranced readers for generations with its vision of the joys of country life and the power of love and friendship.