Crush by Gary Paulsen


   Whenever Kevin Spencer sees Tina Zabinski (the girl who is, in his opinion, the most beautiful girl in the world) he’s always in danger of making a fool of himself or saying all the wrong things.  Kevin decides to take a scientific approach to winning Tina’s heart.  But will studying how to get other kids together really help him get together with Tina or will the new kid, Cash, win Tina over before he can?  Or, is he missing the obvious on how to win Tina?

   Crush shows just how hard romance can be and takes a few surprising turns along the way.  Our family really enjoyed this book, even though we hadn’t read Paulsen’s Liar, Liar or Flat Broke.  It was a fun, easy summer read – well written and laugh-out-loud funny at some points.  There were a few surprising twists that left you wondering what would happen next.  We would recommend this book to fans of realistic fiction and also to anybody who enjoys Gary Paulsen’s writing.  Even though the book is relatively short, our mom says she thinks the subject matter is appropriate for about grade 4-5 (age 10-11) and up.

  -  The Fulton Family