Non-Fiction Digital Kit

Download our FREE Non-Fiction Digital Kit for public librarians, school librarians, classroom teachers and parents

Teachers, librarians, parents and other educators: Check out our latest digital kit, focusing on fiction and nonfiction book pairings, as well as plenty of tools for how to use nonfiction in general. This kit has virtually everything you need to maximize your use of this awesome format in your public library, school library, classroom or home. Everything in this kit, which can be accessed by downloading our FREE zip file, can be used to find ideas for what to read or what books to utilize in your classroom or library collection.

The kit includes the following:

  1. Publisher and author sites with teaching guides
  2. Program and activity ideas
  3. A list of databases that can be accessed for free via our Web site
  4. Nonfiction-related tablet and phone apps
  5. Resources, a reading list and Common Core guides


Download the Non-Fiction Digital Kit