Echo and the Bat Pack: The Thing in the Sewers by Roberto Pavanello


   We thought this was a good story.  There were a couple of parts of the story that we especially liked.  We thought that Bunker was very mean and he quickly became our first suspect.  My son thought it was really funny when all Becca had to say was “cheeseburger” to wake up Tyler.  I was glad to find out that Dr. Grog was a nice monster who was friends with the animals in the sewers. 

   We both liked when they were all hanging on to the barrels and racing through the water.  My son really liked when Echo peed on the criminal, Clinker’s, head.  We also liked the lullaby that Echo’s mom sang to Echo and Grog.  Overall, it was a good, entertaining book.

  - The Mobley Family