Assignment Alert

Please use this assignment alert form before giving your students an assignment that will require library materials. This information can be faxed in, sent through school delivery, e-mailed or submitted online. Once the library receives the form, materials will be gathered, and a pathfinder (list of selected age-appropriate websites) created if requested. Please fill out the form as completely as possible and allow at least 3 weekdays for your request to be fulfilled. Thank you in advance for your help!

Best Sellers Club

Join the Best Sellers Club by selecting up to TWENTY of your favorite best-selling authors listed below. Your name will automatically be placed on the reserve list for these popular authors. Although we can't guarantee how near the top of the list you'll be, it's one less thing you'll have to do. We'll add your name to the waiting list and let you know when your book is ready to check out. Your membership in the Best Sellers Club will be effective with next month's new releases. It's that easy!

Cancel Reserve

Submit a list of titles you wish removed from your reserve list.

Information Services Feedback

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Interlibrary Loan Request

Interlibrary loans are not available at this time because we are changing to a new system. Search Ohio will allow us to access a much larger quantity of materials and will be available in 2015. Please inquire with the Reference Department for more information: 330-688-3295.

Item Suggestion

If the item is not currently owned by the library, you can use this form to request that we add the item to our collection. However, the library can only obtain items which are less than 6 months old.

Items older than six months can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan system.

If you do not receive an Email acknowledging your request, please call the library, (330)688-3295 extension 4.

Kids Feedback

Got questions? Have an idea for a children's library activity, or a cool website or book you think we should add? This is your chance to speak up! Use this form to email Spike and the Kids Librarian with your feedback.

Libraries Changed My Life

Think back to all of your experiences with libraries over the course of your life. How have libraries affected you? Did libraries help shape who you are? Do you have any experiences at your local library that were special, meaningful, or life-changing? Do you have special memories of your library or library programs, while growing up?

We want to tell your story on our new "Libraries Changed My Life" blog.

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