Greg Misch

Exhibiting: October, 2018

Artist Information:

Greg is a self-taught colored pencil artist whose only art class was back in 8th grade.  A Cleveland native, Greg moved to Stow after marriage to a girl from Pennsylvania.  Both Greg and his wife are retired educators.  Their two daughters are Stow-Munroe Falls High School graduates.  Greg’s final position before retirement was as principal of Tallmadge Middle School. 
Greg discovered his latent artistic talent completely by accident.  After attending administrative meetings, he would usually bring back coffee for his secretary.  After she retired, she began working at an art and framing store in Cuyahoga Falls.  And, occasionally he would take her a cup of coffee.  One time while there, he started to look around at the various examples of art.  Thinking ”I could do this”, he immediately went out a bought a set of colored pencils. 
Greg’s preferred choice of “canvas” is 11”x14” black paper.  He finds the challenge to produce a good piece demanding, time consuming and rewarding.   He strives to make his artwork as realistic as possible, tending a bit towards minimalism. Greg draws during the winter months while enjoying travel, golf and chess during warmer weather.  He can be reached at