Jim McKinnon

Exhibiting: February, 2019

Artist Information:

 “Using skills and techniques from my photography classes and independent study, I have been photographing insects and other small creatures. My career as a biology teacher has melded quite nicely with photography. Each day of the summer, I pursue my study of mini fauna with several hours spent in my backyard gardens. I also live near Nimisila Reservoir that supplies an endless source of large and small fauna.  My photographs not only display the morphology of these insect creatures, but also the development of animals so finely adapted to their environment. The intricacies are not only interesting, but also mind provoking such as the leafhopper that looks like a leaf or the mantis that looks like a stick.
Insects have been used in and as art forms since ancient time. Some of the early cave art is that of insect life. Even today they are represented in cartoons and in metal jewelry where they have their structure copied. If we look at areas such as engineering, the structure of the hexagon is used in construction due to its tremendous strength as well as the honeybee uses it for its hive. The overlapping scales found on snakes have been used to reinforce hoses to pump abrasive cement mixture. Biomimicry is a relatively new area of study and insect life is often a topic of discussion in this multiple disciplinary approach. It is my hope that the people view my images and develop a new viewpoint concerning this type of animal life. I hope they will stop and look at the flower and plant life where these creatures live their lives and enjoy this natural ever evolving type of art.  To see more of my work, please go to http://jimmckinnon.smugmug.com