Munroe Falls Historical Society Newsletter

Article #:116
Volume/Issue: 12 / 8
Date: 2008-10-01
Title: Elson's turning 147-year-old house into a home
Author: Worley, Luann
Subject: Elson, Munroe Falls
This article originally appeared in the January 19, 1983 edition of the Record Courier. The building, located at 10 North Main Street, is the oldest structure in Munroe Falls. It was reportedly built by Lyman Beckley in 1836. A Summit County auditor's map indicates that this building was a sash factory in 1846. It was one of eleven buildings owned by C. W. Cartwright, a Boston industrialist who bought out the assets of the Munroe Falls Manufacturing Company after the Munroe Brothers industry when out of business after the Panic of 1837. Later, the building was a general store, and another article in this same issue provides information about this part of the building's history. Included with the article is a photo of the General Store at Munroe Falls, which was located at 21 North Main Street.

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