Munroe Falls Historical Society Newsletter

Article #:71
Volume/Issue: 8 / 9
Date: 2004-11-01
Title: Meandering through Munroe Falls
Author: Theis, Jana M.
Subject: munroe falls, geistweite house
This article appeared in the 1982 January/February issue of Western Reserve Magazine. Highlighted in the article is the Geistweite House at 21 North Main Street. It was owned by Maxine and Snowden Kline from 1963 until 2002. The Kline heirs sold the house to an investor, who turned the house into offices; the house was later sold at auction to the Hallrich Corporation. The article includes a hand-drawn map of the Plan for the Village of Munroe Falls from October 16, 1838, and a drawing by Ann Niemann of the Geistweite House, which was built in 1868.

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