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1/51997-06-01Saalfield Publishing Co. Exhibit- May 15-June 8
1/51997-06-01historical society features program on 19th century pottery
1/51997-06-01an old mill undertakes new work
Izant, Grace Goulder
2/21998-02-01Jim Caccamo to Present "Ohio and the Underground Railroad"
2/21998-02-01old time milling
Wilcox, Dr.
2/31998-03-01Biographical sketches of early stow township families
Green, Frank A.
2/41998-04-01munroe falls to mark 150th anniversary
Hilliard, Bonnie
2/41998-04-01Munroe Falls Historical Museum Celebrates its Ten-Year Anniversary
2/51998-05-01William J. Rattle - Resident of Munroe Falls & Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio
Lown, Marilyn
2/61998-06-01"The Bulletin' Munroe Falls Village Newspaper 1954-57
2/71998-08-01Munroe Falls Fire Dept. Commemorates 50 Years of Service to the Community
Chafin, Lee
2/81998-09-01The romantic past of a glorious pond
Raynor, Jessie
2/81998-09-01some memories of silver lake
Green, Frank A.
2/91998-10-01The Summit county home
Schollenberger, Charles
2/111998-12-01Archival materials reveal hardships of portage county
Lown, Marilyn
2/101998-11-01munroe falls park
Renner, Jack L.
3/21999-03-01Real Estate Boom in the 1830s Made Munroe Falls early Manufacturing Center of Summit County
Shenkel, William T.
3/21999-03-01Munroe Falls…as remembered by Mrs. Margaret Castle Shakespeare
Shakespeare, V.B.
3/11999-01-01campaign begins in village for memorial
Marks, Tricia
3/11999-01-01veteran's memorial dedication
Bishop, Andy
3/31999-04-01selected excerpts from the diary of emily harter kepler 1881-1882
Kepler, Emily Harter
3/41999-05-01memories of the old church that stood on the cemetery property in stow
Green, Frank A.
3/41999-05-01zebulum stow was 7 when brought west in 1809, frank green writes
Green, Frank A.
3/51999-06-01Building of Perry's Vessels
Cherry, P.P.
3/61999-06-01Gaylord Family
Green, Frank A.
3/51999-06-01Stow Family
Green, Frank A.
3/61999-08-01Important Gathering of Disciples at Stow
3/81999-10-01Tallmadge Outing Club
Tallmadge Historical Society,
3/81999-10-01Happy 25th….Tallmadge Outing Club Building!
Lawrence, Frank E.
3/91999-11-01Moving day at munroe
Applebaum, Alan
3/101999-12-01Story of Cuyahoga Falls Banks
Lodge, William R.
6/32002-04-01reminscences of growing up in munroe falls
Wilson, Alice Dixon
4/12000-02-01Presidents from Ohio
Royer, Homer L.
4/22000-03-01Family Memoirs
Olson, Mary Marhoffer
4/22000-09-01history of agricultureal conditions of the call farm beginning in 1802
Green, Frank A.
4/82000-10-01Caring for your personal photographic collection
Candela, Amy
4/62000-08-01The Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal: Waterway to the West
Lown, Marilyn
5/62001-09-01Munroe Falls…
Spriggel, Keith
5/72001-10-01Munroe falls historical society was 25 years old on september15
5/72001-10-01historical days event attracts record crowd
5/82001-11-01The Reverend Joseph Badget
Weimer, Gary W.
5/82001-11-01"Olson Farm" program was a lesson in Munroe falls history
5/90000-00-00Married 71 Years ago
Green, Francis Marion
6/12002-01-01first stow library founded in 1924
Hanson, Ruth
6/22002-03-01alexander manor…authentic colonial dining
6/32002-04-01Reminiscences of Growing Up in Munroe Falls
Wilson, Alice Dixon
6/42002-05-01Charlotte gaylord banning…founder of the stow self culture club
6/52002-08-01Munroe Falls Guise Park
6/72002-11-01The Depression Years in Stow and Munroe Falls
6/82002-12-01On the move…postal workers settle in, make history
Wilkins, Dave
7/22003-03-01Excerpts from father's memory of munroe falls settlement
Lodge, William
7/32003-04-01New County of Summit Created
7/52003-06-01"THE FALLS NEWS" Munroe Falls Baseball
Wilson, Vanda
7/72003-09-01The Munroe Falls Dam
7/82003-11-01Old-time munroe falls comes back to life
Hentosz, Jeffrey
7/82003-11-01Ohio canals program presented last month
8/12004-01-01lake, housing promised . . . Munroe falls hearing on 16-acre gravel mine
8/12004-01-01Munroe falls allows 16-Acre gravel mine
Larrick, Bruce
8/22004-03-01march is women's history month
8/22004-03-01ice harvesting on silver lake
Lodge, William R.
8/42004-05-01striving,surviving, thriving at munroe falls
8/52004-06-01the methodist church at munroe falls
Olin, Rev. Gary L.
8/52004-06-01The munroe falls Methodist church (continued . . .)
Williams, Dorothy
8/62004-08-01sylvester gaylord . . . An outstanding craftsman
Lown, Marilyn
8/62004-08-01"I was always walking"
Gaylord, Raymond
8/72004-09-01History of Stow
Fifer, Gay
8/82004-10-01an interview with gladys and philip doane of munroe falls
Lown, Marilyn
8/92004-11-01Meandering through Munroe Falls
Theis, Jana M.
8/102004-12-01history of the munroe falls methodist church
8/102004-12-01twin falls methodist church
Lown, Marilyn
9/12005-03-01museum patriotic exhibit opened february 20th in conjunction with presidents day observance
9/12005-03-01"I remember"
9/22005-04-01growing up on north river road
Stebbins, Shirley North
10/12006-03-01john graham and his descendants in stow township
Green, Frank
10/22006-04-01march society meeting was well-attended
10/22006-04-01Music in the air as munroe moves on bell tower
Benson, Mindy
10/22006-04-01bell will ring again in munroe falls
Chapman, Polly
10/32006-05-01Letter to the editor
Guise, Newton C.
10/32006-05-01the summit county home
Lown, Marilyn
10/42006-06-01Keepers of the Faith: Early Religion in Stow Township
Lown, Marilyn
10/42006-06-01A Tribute to Robert Arden Van Kirk
10/52006-08-01Construction of munroe falls dam project is nearly complete
10/52006-08-01Munroe Falls historical society turns 30: 1976 to 2006
Lown, Marilyn
10/72006-10-01george elbert burr: renown landscape artist born in munroe falls
Lown, Marilyn
10/82006-11-01An Old-Fashioned Winner . . .
Reiff, Rick
10/82006-11-01Munroe Falls Park: Popular Swim Park at Munroe Falls until 1978
Lown, Marilyn
11/42007-05-01Town hall Will Showcase Fire Department Memorabilia
Lown, Marilyn
11/42007-05-01The Old Fire Station: An Alternative to "Tearing it Down"
Lown, Marilyn
11/62007-09-01Common Heritage Links Paper Plant, Munroe Falls
Murray, M. Mitchell
11/62007-09-01Paper Plant Smoke Again: Without Oil, Sonoco Goes Back to Coal Boiler
Larrick, Bruce
11/52007-07-01Munroe Falls Bulletin: Munroe Falls Village Newspaper 1955
11/62007-09-01A Tribute to John Leo Koshar
11/72008-10-01Gaylord History
Gaylord Bentel, Hattie
11/82007-11-01Early Schools Attended by Munroe Falls Students
Lown, Marilyn
11/92007-12-01The Thornton Story, 1840-1959
Steese, Jay C.
11/92007-12-01Bert Szabo Receives Park Award
12/12008-01-01Joshua Stow of Middletown, Connecticut
Adams, Charles Collard
12/12008-01-01Ohio Historic Markers Tell the History of Communities
12/22008-03-01Cuyahoga River Sediment Behind the Former Munroe Falls Dam Reveals Centuries of Change
12/22008-03-01Excerpts from the Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Department Cuyahoga River Trip Manual
12/32008-04-01Papa Lauer Loves a Red-Faced Monster: The Munroe Falls Water Tower
Lilly, Kathy
12/32008-04-01Munroe Falls Gossip
12/32008-04-01Water System Completed
12/32008-04-01Munroe Falls Water Rates to Increase
12/42008-05-01The Purchase of Munroe Falls Park
Bruce, Robert
12/52008-07-01The First Funeral Home in Stow
Gregory, Rev. Leo
12/62008-08-01Munroe Falls Fire Station Was Razed July 16th
12/52008-07-01Minutes of 1946/47 Munroe Falls Council Meetings
12/52008-07-01School Building to Village Hall
Lown, Marilyn
12/72008-09-01Our 158-Year-Old Museum House was Built by Renown Abolitionist Owen Brown
12/72008-09-01The Plum Family of Munroe Falls
Lown, Marilyn
12/72008-09-01Lilacs Bloom in Two States, In Memory of Long Ago Fallsite
Ewart, Grace K.
12/82008-10-01Elson's turning 147-year-old house into a home
Worley, Luann
12/82008-10-01This old house is a history lesson: Couple restores 1835 Munroe Falls building
Livers, Ancella
12/92008-11-01A Milestone for Munroe Falls in 2009
12/92008-11-01Munroe Falls stone house is a national historic site
Cholak, Sandra