Adopt a Garden Spot

There are now three Adopt-A-Spot Gardens at our Library

Stow Floral Gardener Lauri Kunkel realized a dream this year when she was able to plant three herb gardens on our grounds with the Kiwanis Kids from Echo Hills, Kimpton Middle School, Lakeview and Highland Schools in Stow and Munroe Falls. She said the Children’s Herb Gardens were a great learning experience for the kids. She wanted the children to know where the flavoring for their spaghetti sauce and Thanksgiving turkey came from. She wanted them to think about the peppermint taste the next time they were brushing their teeth with toothpaste. So they planted a “ Pizza Garden” with herbs for spaghetti, and a “For the Nose” Garden with aromatic herbs (with plenty of peppermint). She also had them plant a “Rage with Sage” Garden that is all sage, some of which is red, white and blue around the flag pole. It is beautiful. The gardens are so wonderful we may expand the project next year.