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This page describes assistance for AOL (America Online) users who are being logged off from their accounts immediately after logging in. The bottom of the page also describes other software products that are known not to work due to proxy server use.

When a catalog user is logged out, this is due to users of AOL using a default option which alternates user Internet addresses continuously. This option is known as a rotating anonymous proxy and very few Internet Service Providers use this type of system anymore except AOL and few others. Many modern computer systems and websites do not allow these types of randomly alternating IPs as they can present a security risk. 


The Department of Homeland Security and the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) outlines many of these security risks on their web page US-CERT. Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library works to maintain many of the standards of security described at US-CERT.

Here are easy methods for patrons who choose to use AOL to safely access the library website and other sites that use secure authentication methods.


1. Download, install, and employ the use of a different popular Web browser. 

Download Firefox 
 Download Google’s Chrome 
 Download Opera

2. OR - follow these instructions:

Either: Click here for link to go to AOL.COM intructions #1

OR:     Click here for link to to to AOL.COM intructions #2

Thank you to patrons with AOL who have already used one of these methods for access to help maintain the security of our system per the methods outlined by US-CERT. We appreciate your understanding of the current American security situation with the Internet and appreciate your efforts make adjustments to access your records in a secure way thus improving the security of our community library system and our civil computer systems in general. 


Other software or proxy services that may not work with the catalog:

  • Google Web Accelerator - cancelled by Google
  • A computer virus - can cause issues with Internet access
  • Malware /spyware - can cause issues with Internet access
  • Anonymous Proxies - some software blocks / check settings or legality of service
  • Some Internet Filtering Software - can use proxies / check settings
  • Some cell phone networks - cell-tower switching
  • Other proxy software

Please check your software and connection settings as needed. Thank you.


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