Mobile Printing for Devices

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Download the PrinterOn app for Apple iOS


Download the PrinterOn app for Android


   The app will prompt you to select your print location, using a map tool. You are looking for SMFPL Main Branch; color or black and white. This selected printer will appear in your Saved pages. If you need to add another printer, you can change the Location in the PrinterOn app menu.

  The app will prompt you to print from your stored photographs, or from a selected website.

  On the iPad you can print from Apple's Pages app by selecting "Open in another app," choosing a format such as PDF, and selecting the Printer On app by it's colorful icon (shown above). When the Pages document shows up in PrinterOn, you can select a page range using the available slider.

  If you have questions, please contact our Reference Dept. at 330-688-3295, ext. 4. Thank you!