New Fees for Interlibrary Loan

Our library is part of several groups of libraries which lend freely to one another. There is no charge for Interlibrary Loan if we can get the item from one of these lenders.

We have another system which lets us borrow items from a wider selection of libraries across the nation, but this system is costly. Because of recent budget cutbacks, we are forced to begin charging for this service; there is a $3.00 per item charge to use this system.

What if I can't pay any fees?
Just tell the librarian to search only free lenders when you place your request.

If I tell you to search all the libraries, do I automatically get charged?
No. First we will try to get your item from a free lender, and if we do there is no charge at all. If we can't get it that way, we will request it from the fee based system. When it comes in, the charge will be placed on your card. You will pay the fee at the time you pick up your item.

What if I said OK to fees, but later I cancel my request?
Interlibrary Loan requests can be canceled at no charge up until the point that an item is shipped from a for-fee lender. Once the item is on the way, you will be charged for the fee even if you no longer want the item.

What happens when my item comes in?
We will telephone you to tell you your item is in, and we will let you know if we had to go to the fee based lending system. You will need to pay the fee before you can check the item out. It cannot be carried as a fine on your card.

How long do I have to pick up my item?
We hold Interlibrary Loan items for one week after they are received. If you cannot pick up your item in time, please telephone us; we will try to work with you.

What happens if I don't pick up my item?
If you do not pick up your item, we will return it to the lending library. You will still be assessed the $3.00 fee.

What if you can't find my item?
We will call you to tell you so. No fees will be charged.