20. Patron Behavior Policy


SUBJECT: Patron Behavior

Resolution No: 090216-6

The Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library staff welcomes all patrons, young and old alike, who by their presence acknowledge the responsibility to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the best use of the library and its services. Patrons must be considerate of others while they browse, read, aspire, study, ponder, research, do homework, discover, photocopy, use computers and/or attend programs.

Behaviors which may result in a person being asked to leave the library include, but are not limited to:

  • Abuse or misuse of library property, facilities or the library vehicle
  • Abusive, vulgar, threatening or excessively loud language or gestures
  • Aimless/restless roaming    
  • Animals, except those used to aid persons with disabilities or that are part of a library-sponsored program
  • Any other illegal activity
  • Any portable audio-visual player or devices used at a disruptive noise level
  • Destruction of library property
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Disrespect of staff
  • Eating or drinking (except bottled water)
  • Entering non public workspaces or office areas
  • Excessive Displays of Affection
  • Fighting or wrestling
  • Loitering
  • Rough housing
  • Rowdiness
  • Running in the library
  • Sleeping    
  • Tampering with, altering, editing, or damaging computer hardware and/or software
  • Theft
  • Throwing items
  • Unsuitable dress (no shirt or no shoes)
  • Use of emergency exits other than during an emergency    
  • Use of personal items not intended for public display
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs
  • Using roller blades, roller skates, shoes with rollers on bottom, skate boards, or other sports equipment in the library or on library property
  • Vandalism    
  • Violating the library Internet Policy

Any other act(s) not covered above which threaten an individual, public or staff, library property, library materials, library facilities or the library vehicle.

In Addition:
Cell phone ringers must be set to “Vibrate” or turned off upon entering the library.  Users will be asked to move to a designated area if ringers or conversations are disruptive to people around them.

Restrooms should be used by the appropriate gender as labeled on the door with the exception of a parent with a small child.

Patrons are responsible for their personal belongings.  Patrons must leave the library promptly at closing.  Patrons may not enter the building prior to the library’s opening hours unless authorized by the Director.

Violations of this policy may result in being denied access on a temporary or permanent basis to the library. Use of the library and reinstatement of privileges are by Director’s permission only.  A patron’s theft of library material may result in the library providing the patron’s name and list of materials to law enforcement authorities for prosecution.   In extreme situations, library employees will contact the police for assistance and legal action will be taken.

Children under the age of twelve (12) may not be left in the library without direct supervision.  If it comes to the attention of the library staff that a child under twelve has been left unattended, an attempt will be made to contact the parent/caregiver to pick up the child.  If the parent/caregiver cannot be reached, the police will be called.

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