SearchOhio FAQ


Patron Accounts

Patrons can check their SearchOhio accounts at:


  • SearchOhio offers access to the catalog of more than 25 libraries, giving patrons access to over 10 million items.
  • Loan period is 21 days for most items and 7 days for DVDs.
  • Items can be renewed 3 times if not on hold for another patron.
  • Late fees are 50cents per day/per item for ALL items.
  • Damaged/Lost charge is $25 for SearchOhio and $125 for OhioLINK.

When will a patron use SearchOhio/OhioLINK?

If a SMFPL patron searches our catalog for a title and we do not have it in our collection, the patron can continue their search in SearchOhio.  If the title is available at another SearchOhio institution, the patron can request the item and have it sent to SMFPL.  If the item isn’t available in SearchOhio continue the search in OhioLINK.

What is the difference between SearchOhio & OhioLINK?

SearchOhio is a consortium of public libraries and OhioLINK is a consortium of Academic Libraries.  In the SearchOhio website, you can access the OhioLINK catalog.  If a patron is unable to find an item in SearchOhio, they can continue the search in OhioLINK.  The OhioLINK icon is available from the SearchOhio window.

Who will place the request for SearchOhio material?

Patrons can request material from home and on catalog stations within SMFPL.  A patron will need to enter their library card number and name (we suggest last name only) on the SearchOhio site.

How are the due dates set for material checked out at SMFPL?

Each lending library assigns a circulation rule of either 7 days or 3 weeks to the material it sends out. Books are 3 weeks.  DVDs are 7 Days.  CDs and BOCDs vary by library and can be 7 days or 3 weeks. The 10 day hold period is not counted in the loan period.  The loan period begins at checkout.

How long will it take for a requested item to arrive at SMFPL?

It will take 3 – 5 business days (Mon- Fri) for an item to arrive in our delivery.

How will patrons be notified of available material?

Patrons will be contacted using our current notification system.  Patrons select email, text or phone notification when applying for a library card.

How long does a patron have to pick up a requested item?

Once a requested item is received at SMFPL it will be available for pick up for 10 days.

Can SearchOhio material be renewed?  How many renewals does a patron have on a SearchOhio?

Yes. SearchOhio & OhioLINK can be renewed.  As long as the lending library allows the renewal.  Each library sets its own renewal rules.  SearchOhio material generally has 3 renewals.

21 day items can be renewed within 7 days of the due date.

7 day items can be renewed within 2 days of the due date.

Items will not renew after reaching a maximum renewal limit of 3 times SearchOhio/6 times OhioLINK, or if a hold from the lending library has been placed.

Items can only be renewed by calling the Circulation Department at 330-688-3295.

Can a patron request material from a specific library in SearchOhio?

No.  Requests for available material are randomly assigned to libraries within the SearchOhio consortium.

Can a patron place a “holds” on SearchOhio material?

No.   SearchOhio is a request system.  Patrons can only request an item if it is available.  If the item is checked out or on hold it can’t be requested.

How long does a patron that is issued a New library card have to wait to use SearchOhio?
How long does a patron that has been issued a Replacement Card (lost card) have to wait to use SearchOhio?
How long does a patron that is changed from INACTIVE to ACTIVE have to wait to use SearchOhio?

The database of patron information and catalog records is updated once every 24 hours.  If a patron is new, inactive or receives a replacement library card, Search Ohio will not recognize or have access to this new information until the following day.

How are fines paid?  What about Lost/Damaged material?

Late fines and Lost/Damaged charges are set by the consortium and CANNOT be waived

Fines are $.50/day for each item.

Lost/Damaged charges for Search Ohio items are $25 and OhioLINK are $125.

Are E-books a requestable item through SearchOhio/OhioLINK?

No.  If you see Electronic Resources in SearchOhio they are in by mistake.