Tax Program 2011


A free tax service available to older residents and residents with low to middle incomes.

Free assistance for completing income tax forms

Fridays, Feb. 4 - Apr. 15, 2011*
noon - 4:00 P.M.
Meeting Room on 2nd Floor**
*except in Story Hour Room during the Needlework Show & Book Sale

Each taxpayer must bring:

  1. a copy of last year’s tax forms, Social Security Card & Picture ID [if patron has lost SS card, they may bring a copy of last year’s return instead]
  2. if children are claimed as exemptions, patron MUST have their SS card; no exceptions
  3. any forms showing income you earned or pensions or Social Security paid to you
  4. 1099 forms showing interest or dividends that your investments have earned
  5. receipts or cancelled checks for income or property taxes you have paid, or any contributions you have made to charities
  6. record of medical expenses

Tax Assistance Program is sponsored by AARP and the IRS.

Sign up at the Circulation Desk.