The Lager Queen of Minnesota CANCELED

Discussion on: 
09/14/2020 7:00 PM
Book by: 
J.Ryan Stradal

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A family is split when their father leaves their shared inheritance entirely to Helen, the youngest daughter.  Despite baking award-winning pies at the local nursing home, her older sister, Edith, struggles to make a living. She can't help wondering what her life would have been like with even a portion of the farm money her sister kept for herself.   With the proceeds from the farm, Helen builds one of the most successful breweries in the country, and makes their company motto ubiquitous:"Drink lots. It's Blotz."  Where Edith has a heart as big as Minnesota, Helen's is as rigid as a steel keg.  Yet one day, Helen finds she needs some help herself and she could find a potential savior close to home...if it's not too late.  Meanwhile, Edith's granddaughter, Diana, grows up knowing that the real world requires a tougher constitution than her grandmother possesses. She earns a shot at learning the beer business from the ground up. Will that change their fortunes forever, and perhaps reunite their splintered family?