Notarize your Documents at the Library

Notary Pen 

Until further notice, notary service at the Library is unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. 



Free Notary Service is now available at the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library during most of the Library’s hours of business, including evenings and weekends. Notary publics are on staff, but schedules vary; please call ahead to confirm availability. Nothing can be notarized during the last hour before the library closes.

Ohio law requires that the person signing the document to be notarized must appear in person and present proper identification. Call the library at (330) 688-3295 x4 for more information.

This free service includes only simple documents of less than ten (10) pages.

Documents that we are unable to notarize:

      Last Will and Testatments (Ohio wills require two witnesses whose signatures would then be notarized)

      Any Real Estate Transactions, including Quit Claim Deeds

      Corporate Documents

      Documents with more than ten (10) pages.   

      Documents which require an electronic signature

      Foreign Passport or Visa Applications (please contact the Twinsburg Public Library


•    What if I forget to bring my identification?

We will not be able to notarize any documents for you at that time.

•    I don’t have a Driver’s License. What other form of identification can I show?

Minors (under 18) only, can show a certified copy of their birth certificate.

Adults must show identification that shows their picture, signature, identification number, their physical description and an expiration date. Acceptable forms of identification are: driver’s license, green card, military ID, government, state or inmate ID card, or a passport.

Per Ohio law, we cannot accept Canadian or Mexican IDs. Legal residents of these countries must present a valid passport.

•    Do all blanks have to be filled in before I have my document notarized?

Yes. Blank spaces not used in a document should have a line drawn through them so that no one can add to the terms of the document after it was signed.

•    I need my birth certificate notarized. What should I do?

If you were born anywhere in Ohio, go to the Dept. of Vital Statistics at the Kent City Health Department, 414 E. Main St., Kent, OH, or to Summit County Public Health, 1867 W Market Street, Akron OH and obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate.

If you were born outside of Ohio, go to or and order a copy of your birth certificate be sent to you.

•    Can you notarize a document that is in a language other than English?

Yes, as long as the signer of the document is able to effectively communicate with the notary WITHOUT a translator. If foreign documents do not have the notary certificate in English, the notary will have to attach another certificate.

If the signer cannot communicate in English, please contact:   

International Institute of Akron

20 Olive St. Suite 201

Akron, Ohio 44310

(330) 376-5106

•    Can you come to my nursing / assisted living facility or home to notarize documents?

No. You must come to the library in person (and with proper ID) to have documents notarized.

•    Can you provide legal advice regarding my document?

No. A Notary Public is not a licensed attorney. If you have legal questions about your document, we recommend you consult an attorney.

  • Can you notarize my I-9 form?

I-9 forms cannot be notarized. However, a notary can serve as your company's authorized agent and witness that you have shown the proper documents.

•    When are notaries available at the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library?

It is a good idea to phone ahead to check if a Notary Public is on duty when you want to come in. There are notaries available most of the time, but not always. Also, nothing can be notarized during the last hour before the library closes.