Graphic Novel Digital Kit

Download our FREE Graphic Novel Digital Kit for public librarians, school librarians, classroom teachers and parents

What's a graphic novel digital kit, you may ask? First of all, "graphic novel" is just a fancy term for a comic book. Second, this kit has virtually everything you need to maximize your use of this awesome format in your public library, school library, classroom or home. Everything in this kit, which can be accessed by downloading our FREE zip file, can be used to find ideas for what to read or what books to utilize in your classroom or library collection.

The kit includes the following:

  1. Publisher and author sites
  2. Program and activity ideas
  3. An e-book download how-to guide (so you can read all of the comic e-books the library has)
  4. A comic book font that can be installed on your computer
  5. Comic-related tablet and phone apps
  6. Sound effects clipart, blank comic panels, dialogue bubbles, and superhero silhouettes that can be manipulated
  7. Resources, a reading list and Common Core guides


Download the Graphic Novel Digital Kit